Can Ball Pythons Live in Tubs?

Can Ball Pythons Live in Tubs?

Here are real facts about ball pythons that live in tubs. We have added different types of tubs that are used by snake owners.

Can Ball Pythons Live in Tubs? Yes, Ball Pythons can live in tubs. You should add a thermostat, maintain the temperature, adjust the ventilation, make a hiding section, and some toys.

You should select the tub according to the size and weight of the snake. There are various categories of ball pythons that live inside the tub and survive inside it. These have unique insights into the living environment of glass and plastic around them.

Can Ball Pythons Live in Tubs?

A tub setup is one of the unique methods to place a ball python. They love to live in the tubs but with all the facilities and requirements. Keeping a Python is not easy; people require expertise to place them inside all the time.

The various types of tubs are available in the market; you can buy them for your snake.
Moreover, you can make a setup for your snake at your place.

How big of a tub does a ball python need?

Ball pythons Size of tub
Baby ball python 6 to 10 quarts tub
Adult ball python 30 to 41 quarts tub
Adult female python 41 quarts
Male adult python 36 to 38 quarts tub

Type of tubs for snakes

Long flat tubs

They are elongated and flat snakes; they require space according to their bodies. Long and flat tubs are best for these species. It depends on you whatever type you use, either it’s a glass material or plastic thing.

The tub must be huge so that it can adjust quickly and adequately. Moreover, the body of the tub should be flat because they move inside the living space. They do not jump, but when they move, there are waves inside their bodies.

This movement requires the flat tub so that it can move quickly with the lower surface of the tub. They like to move on earth; that is why they like the flat smooth surface and adjust themselves in the long tub with a balanced body.

They are long in terms of their body length, so they require much space to accommodate. These are not fat, like many other snakes, but they have long bodies. 

The insufficient place makes them uncomfortable, and they block themselves somewhere else. Some of them move outside the tub due to improper space adjustment.

The tub should be as long as the body of the snake. They need a lot of space but in an elongated form.

Plastic tubs

Plastic tubs are options for the living environment for them. Ensure that the plastic tub’s surface is not rough, and there are no sharp edges of the plastic materials. 

Try to provide the food items inside by placing the food carriers in them. Clean the tub now and then; otherwise, it can get a disease that is not suitable.

Glass tubs

Glass tubs are a bit expensive, but people prefer them for their unique qualities. The snakes remain safe inside it by accommodating themselves in the best possible way.

Moreover, the transparency of the glass makes the living cycle more amazing, snakes can get sunlight.

One of the drawbacks of this glass tub is that other insects and harmful species attack the python more quickly. You can protect it by putting the tub at a higher space or by keeping an eye.

Choose tub according to the size of the snake

Consider the size of your snakes and never choose a wider tub. The tub must be large enough that it places food bowls and water bowls inside it. It must accommodate the snake’s tail as well; otherwise, they get very uncomfortable and try to move out.

They require large tubs of at least forty to forty-one quarts. The most important thing is the tub should be accurately the same as the snake.

These are lighter on the budget. You can buy them online by selecting a tub according to your choice. The estimated rate of the tubs is almost ten to fifteen dollars, and these are reliable. Use them for a more extended period with proper cleanliness.

What to do before placing a ball python in a tub?

There are certain conditions that you need to consider while placing a snake inside the tub. 

Maintain heat

These species like to live in a heated environment; a constant heat supply is necessary for them. Put a heat gun inside in a way that it should not attack them directly. This gun increases the temperature in the area.

Adjust it so that there is no increased heat; otherwise, it can harm it, and it dies. Moreover, adjust a thermometer for heat control and checking. This device tells the maximum heat in the living space. Install a hygrometer which checks the level of humidity inside.

The heat produces a lot of humidity in the tub because water starts evaporating. The maximum presence of humidity leads to suffocation, and it can be fatal.

There are a few types that are known as heat tapes. Apply these on the walls of the tub and make the environment warm and cozy for them. It increases their lifespan, and survival becomes easy and pleasant for them in all ways.

Put paper stuff

A tub is slippery in its original form, and it requires some stable stuff. Put some papers in the tub at the bottom area. Use paper towels and newspapers for this purpose. 

They must be clean and germs free. Use new papers and newspapers as compared to old ones. Install them on the walls of the tubs as well, but it is an optional process. Cover the floor with these papers completely. Remove sharp edges otherwise;, they give paper cuts to the skin.

Make a hole for ventilation

Make a few holes inside for proper ventilation. Heat and humidity cause burns and piles on the body surface of python. Use a whole gun to make holes.

This leads to excessive expiration of the space. Make holes every two to three inches; this helps in the proper functioning, otherwise, snakes can fart.

In cases of high heat and humidity, make more holes than before. Make sure that these holes are small and in a sequence.

These drills not only melt the plastic but also make a hole in glass tubs. These holes should be so small that water should remain inside the space.

Add a Thermostat

This instrument is for providing a constant and proper heat supply. Install the device and adjust the socket outside the space in heat or current source. Adjust the wire with a hot bottom area; this also supplies maximum heat.

It all depends on the adjustment and placement of the tub. This heat is necessary for them to live and survive.

Keep them away from the hottest spot of the living space; otherwise, it harms them. They die due to these burns and harmful patches. Use heat tape to adjust the heating device in the tub directly.

It must be away from the carpet or floor area and keep the species safe. Utilize the heat pads and apply them directly into the tub and on the living environment’s walls.

Water bowl

The tub should be large enough that it accumulates the water bowls. Place the bowl on one side and fill it with water. Attach it to the walls of the tub and settle it properly.

It must be away from the snake; otherwise, it breaks. Place it at the cold corner of the tub; otherwise, the water gets heat.

It contains enough water for the snake but removes it and replaces it with smaller bowls in case of more space. They love spilling their bowls, and smaller ones help them a lot in such cases.

Hiding sections

These sections are some hiding places for them. They are removable and easy to clean. Remove them immediately after the snake pooping. 

Place one of these sections on the cool corner and the other on the hot corner. Adjustment is your choice in all respects. Keep the criteria in your mind; otherwise, they can die from stress.


This step is optional, but many people adopt this for their pythons. Add some artificial plants and artificial rocks inside it.

It creates a natural environment in an artificial zone. This step is carried out to make them more comfortable.

A bathtub for python

Many people use the bathtub for their pythons instead of buying a separate tub. Place all the necessities inside it and then accommodate it. There must be a harmless rocky surface with paper pasted on that.

Add heat and thermostat devices for proper heating. Allow maximum ventilation and remove excessive humidity by making holes in the walls. They do not like to take a bath.

Install all the necessities like water bowls and heat supplies accurately.