Can Ball Pythons Die From Stress?

Can Ball Pythons Die From Stress?

Here are 11 real facts about stress in ball pythons. We have added causes, signs, and symptoms of stress in snakes.

Can Ball Pythons Die From Stress? Yes, Ball Pythons can die from stress. It is caused by changing the environment, diet changes, alterations in humidity and temperature, poor handling, and diseases. 

Symptoms of stress in snakes include less eating, hyperactivity, and uncomfortable behavior. You have to look for all these signs and then decide accordingly.

Can Ball Pythons Die From Stress?

Snakes cannot live with the stress for more time. They will start suffering from multiple diseases that will lead to their death. An ordinary owner that does not have any experience of growing them cannot understand this problem easily. He should visit the vet so that proper treatment may start on time. 

Causes of stress in snakes

Below are the main factors which can cause this issue in your pets:

New habitat

Suppose you are introducing the pet new to your system. New habitat may create different problems for you.

You have to check the level of temperature, and humidity should be adjustable to manage. The presence of other harsh fellows will create a lot of problems for your pet.

Hideouts and other playing areas as his requirements will provide a comfortable environment for him. You should note that the new habitat should not be changing his habits.

You can visit the vet continuously after changing its place. Living place creates an impact on the health and physique of the pet.

The atmosphere of the habitat is another constraint that will create an impact on it. You should not make a significant change in the place after keeping it in a particular area.

You can make an artificial environment in a new place similar to the previous environment and change it gradually to a natural environment.  

Change in diet

If you want to change the pets’ diet, you should not make clear changes in it. You have to make small changes in the number of minerals and vitamins you give to them.

You have to take this process slowly that will not create any impact on its mind. You may note that the products that you are using should be healthy and free from all types of chemicals. Also, you should not feed them vegetables as snakes are not vegetarian.

If you want to shift from the handmade diet to the ready-made diet, you have to start this process with a single step and then go to the next.

If you change the diet at once, you will see that it will not attract it. You can manage this process by feeding any snake in front of it, which eats a new diet that you want to provide, and then make an offer. It will attract towards it with its will.

If you start pushing the diet with force by carrying it, it will create worse health effects. The things that they are taking with their consent will make more impact on their health.

Change in temperature and humidity level

Temperature and humidity are some of the essential constraints that any living being enjoys in their life. Everyone has to change their lifestyle with the figures of both factors. This is a must, otherwise, snakes can have respiratory infections.

You should maintain these things that will help them to grow at a rapid pace. There are certain limits of temperature that are different for every breed. You have to check the level of humidity in the air also. You can give a bath to the snake for better results.

The lesser humidity level will cause great trouble for the newborn because they are not exposed to these severe conditions. You can get some considerations from the vet in case of any confusion.

You should not keep small problems easy because they are too sensitive and die in no time. All steps need to perform with great care.

Poor handling

Some of their body parts are sensitive and can impact when you are holding tightly to them. You must not hold from the neck because it may lead to suffocation when you have it. Pythons can live inside a tub but it is not recommended.

You can cover its body from the back with soft hands. It will not run away from your hands once it gets attached to it. It will annoy them if you continuously use the wrong method to carry it.

You should check its face while holding for a long time that it is comfortable with your hands or not. You can change your position whenever you think that it is creating some problems.

You can leave it when it starts changing its expression and tries some other convenient way. You have to choose comfortable products for your beloveds so that they can start loving you.

When you get familiar with all of these things, you will not note any issue within seconds. You have to develop an understanding with them by spending more time at the start. You will develop a good relationship with them if you take all these things seriously.  

Solitary cage

If it remains in the cage where there is no other thing to recreate him or to play with it. You have to engage it in some activities so that its mind may divert to something else.

You can arrange a system for its movements and jumping if it is alone in the cage. You can also manage some other snakes that have the same nature and species. These pythons like to be kept together.

It is one of the reasons for causing trouble in their minds. You have to remove all types of problems and provide comfort to them.

Illness of ball pythons

Improper or late treatment of the pets also causes trouble for their minds. Continuous pain or fever will not allow them to perform their daily activities patiently.

You can propose the medication by yourself if you have diagnosed the problem efficiently. You can visit the vet or change the vet if the problem is not sorting out by one person. Proper treatment is one of the basic need of any living thing.

The problem will start increasing if you ignore it at the start. Many of these problems will not be able to cure after it. You have to manage all these things on time.

Symptoms of stress in Ball Pythons

Here are the main signs and symptoms of stress in these pets:

Eating less

If it is not eating as it was eating before, then there will be some problems that you have to diagnose. You can check any disease physically in its body.

If you have not found anything, then it means that it is not mentally stable. You have to take some steps for its betterment. You have to take a clear idea that will help you decide about the pet’s future.


If it is looking more energetic than before doing all the haste activities, then it means that there is some problem running in their mind. You will not be able to cure this problem till you have a proper diagnosis.

You have to note the behavior regularly because it will help you to locate any sudden change in them. If you are not keeping a record of the daily activities, you will feel confused while dealing with them.

When you have diagnosed the change, you should locate its root cause, creating more problems for you. You can start giving treatment at the start so that its life may save.

Uncomfortable behavior

When you start seeing the sudden changes in the facial expression without any reason, your mind should click that it may be suffering from the problem.

It is the cause of many problems if you have not cured it timely. You ought not to reach the matter till here, but you have to try all the time that this situation may not create for you.

You can manage the situation wisely by looking at all things on time. You can treat all these issues before getting worse if you try to manage a better diet, comfortable environment, and friendly behavior.

Your pet will not suffer from any problem after taking care of these few things. You will love to have their company if you manage these things.